Saturday, July 31, 2010


So today I logged into my account for the first time in what felt like ages and it said 409 days until the wedding.  409?!?!?! To a normal person 409 days is a long time.  If we've ever met (which I am assuming we have since you're reading my blog... unless you're a stalker, in which case, welcome stalker, glad to have you here) you know that right now, I am starting to really think maybe a freak out is necessary.  I mean, I have one year, one month and 10 days until I become Mrs. Brandon Wilkinson. CRAZY. 

Since logging into the this morning I have been very productive.  I emailed my contact at the church to confirm that we did in fact have the church reserved.  What?  Did you think I was kidding?  I really need to make sure bare shoulders are allowed in the church, but that's a later email.  I am sure my contact can only handle one freak out at a time, people.  I emailed the priest to check in with him.  I let EJ (I can call him that -- I have known him since I was 6) know that I was still getting married, that I had made a lot of progress and that he will think I am crazy when he sees what we've accomplished.  Yes I know that these are all things that, realistically, he already knows.  I also suggested that he come and see the fam (it's been awhile) and meet Brandon.  Somehow this has not already happened.

Today Brandon and I are taking my Dad out for his 62nd birthday -- that's right people, he is aging well.  In answer to what I can only assume will be your next question -- No, he does not color his hair.  I can only hope that I am so lucky.  Why are we taking him out 2 weeks late?  On his actual birthday my father was in Kentucky diving into whiskey barrels on the Bourbon Trail.  It's a tough life that man leads.
Daddy and Me - Day 3 of the Breast Cancer 3Day 2009
Then this afternoon Brandon and I are going to sit down and really do some wedding stuff.  I know what you're thinking and yes, Brandon is peeing his pants with excitement.  At least, he will be when I tell him that's what we're doing this afternoon.  Right now he is fixing the living room screen.  Why is he fixing it?  Because Hank took a flying leap out of a first story window to get outside to Michelle, that's why.  Jumping out windows seems to be Hank's thing.  What... Doesn't everyone's dog like to jump out windows?