Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Official... We're adults

This weekend was a very wedding filled weekend.   Friday night I had my first, of what I can only assume will be many, friend weddings.  And not like a college friend or professional friend or real world adult friend, but childhood friend... as in someone I grew up with, someone I went through the awkward stages of life with and have known for almost ten years.  Derrick and Kristen got hitched :) Then on Sunday -- Danielle got her wedding dress :)  Talk about a wonderful weekend full of love.

Derrick and I have known each other for, well forever.  Wednesday night was the rehearsal dinner and then Friday night was his beautiful wedding.  They got married at St. Rafael's in Rockville  and I would be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about moving my ceremony location to there.  I mean, if there are rules about bare shoulders at St. John's then I am going to have to pick a different venue anyways.  Which reminds me -- I really do have to call and check about that.  Not the point, the point is the church was beautiful and Kristen was stunning.
 Congrats Mr. and Mrs. William Derrick Brown :)
The reception was unlike one that I have ever been to, but the bride was right: it was very Derrick and Kristen.  The centerpieces, designed by Kristen and made by Derrick, were tall martini glasses with LED lights in them.  It was a mostly cocktail reception, which was delightful.  There is nothing I enjoy more than open bar at weddings :) They did not have the traditional mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, or even first dance as husband and wife -- but believe me, there was dancing.  They used their iPOD instead of having a DJ -- which is smart for anyone who can trust their significant other with music freedom, aka anyone but me.  This is an idea that Brandon and I considered for a very short period of time, but given Brandon's affinity for putting on horrible music after several drinks, we reconsidered.  The food at the reception was to die for (I still cannot get over those little crab cakes and chicken puff pastries) and the cake was delicious.  All and all, I think the Browns pulled off a wonderful wedding reception... AND Kristen was able to have fun and seemed to be very care free -- no Bridezilla moments.  Brandon should start praying that he should be so lucky.
 the delicious cake :)
Saturday morning I made the hike up to Madison, New Jersey to see my college roommates, aka the loves of my life, Danielle and Dee.  Next Memorial Day weekend, Danielle becomes Mrs. Dixon and so this past weekend we went into Manhattan to Kleinfeld to go wedding dress shopping.  Something I think I love doing... in fact, I want to go try on dresses again.  Yes, I know I have my dress, but there is something so wonderful about the experience, both as the bride and as the friend of the bride.  So either more of my friends need to get engaged and go dress shopping, or I am dragging Hadley back to the stores.
If you don't know, Kleinfeld is where they shoot the TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress" and that is exactly what Danielle did this weekend!  She had already gone dress shopping once before and found a dress she loved by a designer she loves, Maggie Sottero, unfortunately, Danielle is not a body builder and the dress was too heavy.  Hence the reason we went to Kleinfeld.  It ended up being the most wonderful experience.  We got into the city early so we had bloody Mary's while we waited for her appointment, we had her appointment, we had a little brunch and then we went home for champagne. Lovely day. 

Kleinfeld was crazy.  It was a mad house.  If you're wondering, yes, Randy is much skinnier in person and twice as flaming.  There was a girl in there trying on a cupcake dress (literally, she looked like a cupcake) and she genuinely thought she looked good -- her family obviously does not love her because they too, told her she looked good.  Another girl in there was trying on dresses and obviously I observed this and shared my opinion.  Don't worry -- I didn't share it with her, but I shared it with Danielle's mom, who agreed with me.  The girl went with a dress that did not flatter her, again do these people have friends?  Yet another girl bought a $24,000 wedding dress -- yes, you are absolutely correct.  That is 60 times more than I paid for my dress.  It was a wonderful experience for people watching and for feeling very good about my dress and my budget and staying on budget.  That's not the point though, the point is that Danielle found her dress :)

Danielle tried on 5 dresses (some good, one bad) and dress number 5 was the winner.  She would come out in a dress and she would "like" the dress, but when she came out in the last one, anyone in the western hemisphere could tell that this was the one.  Danielle cried, her mom cried, I teared up.  She looked absolutely stunning.  I cannot wait for her wedding to see the dress again!  I mentioned before that she loved the designer Maggie Sottero and was disappointed when the dress was too heavy.  Why did I share that little tid bit with you?  Because fate stepped in and without knowing it, Danielle picked a Maggie Sottero dress.  Talk about a wonderful world.