Tuesday, May 4, 2010

table seating charts make my knees weak

Warning: the following blog post may make you judge me and question my sanity.  This post is not for the faint of heart.

The other day I was making mental lists of things that need to happen between now and the wedding.  Yes, I am well aware of the fact that my wedding is 494 days away, thank you very much, but I am a self-diagnosed nut job and I like to be overly on top of things.  Please, we request that you save all judgment for the end of the post as we are just getting started here.  Brandon and I have to do the following between the time we got engaged and wedding:
  • set a date and send out save-the-dates
  • buy wedding invitations (what? I'm organized)
  • get wedding bands
  • find and hire a DJ
  • find and hire a photographer
  • find and buy a wedding dress
  • pick out dresses for bridal party
  • tell bridal party of dresses
  • take engagement pictures :)
  • have cake tastings
  • hire a bakery
  • have more cake tastings (what? I like cake)
  • buy gifts for our bridal party
  •  meet with the vendor (FRIDAY!)
  • make a seating chart *sigh*
So obviously I put things on the list I had already done -- it makes me feel more accomplished and yes, I know I am missing things that need to be done.  I am simply trying to make a point.  What is the sigh after making a seating chart about? I will tell you what that is about.  I am ECSTATIC at the idea of making a seating chart. My knees go weak when thinking about making a seating chart.  Please, keep the judging at a minimum, we've already talked about this once I don't want to have to address it again.

I am sure there are people out there who see things like this:

 and this:

and go absolutely crazy.  Not me.  I get excited at the prospect of putting together the seating chart.  It allows my control-freak nature to take full force in an acceptable way.  I am looking forward to when the invitation reply cards start rolling in so that I can start making a seating chart.  I am thrilled at making a huge color coordinated poster board chart with little tables and chairs (drawn to scale) to be filled with sticky notes so that I can move people around freely.  I get goosebumps thinking about using the seating chart application on theknot.com.  Am I crazy?  Probably, but I am so ok with that.

To make my excitement about this item on my to-do list even greater, Brandon and I came up with an idea to name the tables after significant things/events in our relationship.  Obviously we are not the first to do this; however, I really love this idea so I will take credit as the creator if someone asks.  An obvious one is "Snowmagedeon" since that is when Brandon proposed to me. I am sure there are others that seem fairly obvious to people, but I am hoping that the rest can be a surprise... if I can keep my mouth shut for another 494 days.  But let's be serious, we can't count on that happening.