Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am a control freak... there, I said it.

I am a control freak. I openly admit it. However, in recent weeks I have decided that maybe I am a little out of control in my control freak nature.  I like symmetry and I like things to match, but maybe I am going too far.  A matching color across the board is just as good as a matching dress.  Wouldn't it be better if people actually looked good and felt good in what they were wearing as opposed to matching down the line?  No, of course I want them to match down the line, but I am being ridiculous and impractical.  What am I rambling on about you might ask yourself? Bridesmaids dresses.

I have made a decision about bridesmaid dresses.  Yes, I know I already said I had made a decision.  Yes, I know that I had them picked out and on my "wish list" at David's Bridal.  Yes, I remember I had a plan.  No, I am not going to take this back in 6 months in an "Oh my God, what have I done?!?" moment.  

Here's the deal:  I have decided that all of my bridal party (yes, that includes little Mia) will get to pick their dress.  For Mia, I am going to narrow it down to two or three that I like and then she will pick her favorite.  It's her day too.  As for my Bridesmaids and MOH: as long as they are capri blue, tea length or shorter (and obviously, church appropriate), my friends can wear whatever makes them happy.  Because let's be honest, I'd still like to have friends after the wedding (Michelle and Brittany -- we're family, you're stuck with me, so my being nice doesn't apply to you so much) and what looks good on one person might not look good on everyone else.  I have to keep in mind the fact that my bridesmaids and MOH all vary in height.  Hadley claims to be 5'8 while Michelle is a mere 5'1 (and that's being nice), so tea length on Hadley is closer to ankle length on Michelle.

While I am on my sanity streak, I also gave some thought to giving up the brown tuxes.  I am still very much on the fence about this idea (and as Brandon constantly reminds me, the wedding is really far away and I don't have to make a decision now), but really I don't see why brown tuxes need to happen.  What started this thinking?  Greg is really tall and I am concerned that a brown tux will not be available for my giant friend. 

So there you have it, the control freak is giving up some control.  Don't expect this to happen often, or ever again.  It may just be a lapse in judgment due to stress and lack of sleep.