Thursday, May 6, 2010

He always find a way to make me smile...

So today while I was at work I got an email from David's Bridal saying that my wedding dress had come in and was ready to be picked up.  The dress was ready a month early... eek!  I was so excited that I had to tell Brandon all about it because I knew that after working 12 hours he cared about a dress and would be just as excited as me.  So tonight when I was telling Brandon about my wedding dress, I showed him the picture on the David's Bridal website and we had a wonderful exchange that I feel needs to be shared with the world. Ok, I need you all to get over the fact that I showed him my dress.  First of all, Brandon's mom said it best (and was 100% correct) the dress looks different in real life than it does on the website, so there.  This combined with the fact that I can't keep a secret from him for a week and there was NO WAY I was going to keep a secret from him for over 475 days, were my reasons for showing him the picture. This was our conversation:

Me: Well it won't look exactly like this picture, I will have a broach over that knot.
Brandon: Will it make your boobs look bigger? (Ladies and Gentleman, my dream man)
Me: No Brandon, a broach is a pin.
Brandon: Oh... bummer.

Welcome to my life :) This is the reason I am in love with Brandon.  He is so simple and so wonderful.  He imperfections make him perfect to me.