Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So hungover my eyebrows hurt

Rolling Rock is the most wonderful day of the entire year (besides my birthday).  The bar opens at 8:00 in the morning for kegs & eggs, the special is $15 cases of Rolling Rock ponies from 12-2, and the bar remains open until... well, I don't know when the bar closes.  I've never made it to closing time.  Generally (with the exception of my sophomore year of college and this year) the weather is absolutely perfect.  People who you haven't seen since graduation (and who you hoped you would never see again) attend... and for some unknown reason (aka the obscene amount of beer you have consumed), you are so excited to see them at Rolling Rock.  Rolling Rock, it brings people together... and tears my liver apart.  The Cell Block should really look into using that as their slogan next year.  Anyways, like I said, the most wonderful day of the year.

This year Rolling Rock weekend was a success.  Friday night we got to see our friends and we got to rekindle our love with one another. Sean and Natasha were obnoxiously adorable (shocker), Pinto said stupid things (I guess no one should really be too surprised by this one), Meg took two hours to get ready (surprise, surprise - love you, Meg), Fat Pat said things that no one could possibly pretend to understand (some things never change) and Daley and Hannah got drunk and then got engaged... wait, what?!? (Note: they are not really engaged at this point in time but we all had a good laugh at Daley's expense.) God, I miss college.  Saturday morning we woke up in a hotel with Becker, Marissa, Ronnie and Meg and we laughed about all the stupid things that happened the night before (easily my favorite part of college).  

Rolling Rock itself was wonderful...  Obviously, we had to look past the fact that it was so cold, the sun did not shine and the wind was blowing. But the beer was flowing and so was the love.  Brandon was surprised by his old roommates.  My college roommates were there (and looking wonderful as always). We stayed at the bar far longer than we should have (about 8 hours longer than we should have).  Brandon bought enough hot dogs and hamburgers to feed a small army... or all of our friends and us.  We laughed. We drank. We danced. We sang. We tried to pay the guy playing guitar to stay at the bar longer... What? He was good.  And we sang and danced some more. 

 --Chipp. Brandon. Alex--

--Victoria. Danielle. Dee--
 The Boys :) 
.Jay. Brandon. Ron. Bradley. Pinto. Ryan. Fat Pat.
Friends :)
Bradley. Chris. Brandon. Marissa. Me. Spooner. Seese. Becker. Marino. Sean.

It was so good to see everyone; however, it was not-so-good for my liver that I drank so much.  Sunday was easily one of the worst days of my life. Our room was a disaster. My life was a disaster. Thank God Brandon drove home. I would have found a hotel halfway home and called it even.  It was absolutely brutal. Brandon got a Wegman's sub though, so he was happy -- hurting, but happy.  While driving home Brandon said to me "I am so hungover my eyebrows hurt" - I couldn't help but agree.  

We got home around 4 in the afternoon and crawled into bed.  Yes, that's right.  We were in bed at 4 in the afternoon.  I will no longer feel pathetic when I crawl into bed at 9:30... ok fine, 9:00.  We could not do anything else with our lives. You know that commercial that says "It's 10:00, do you know where your children are?"  For my mother, the answer to that question on Sunday night was "yes I do, she is in her bed dying of a hangover".  If my father had been home (and thank God he wasn't) he would have said something to the affect of "suck it up Victoria, self inflicted illness doesn't count" and my mother would not have taken such pity on me and the state of my life.

Monday morning (after laying in bed and praying for the jello leg feeling to be gone) I got up feeling like a million bucks -- sweet, it only took me like 36 hours to recover.  Not too shabby.  I was much better off than Brandon.  He was still hungover on Monday morning.  Thank God Rolling Rock only comes around but once a year :)