Monday, April 5, 2010

a lovely long easter weekend :)

I would like to start by saying that Brandon and I have got to be the most spoiled individuals... seriously, we are spoiled rotten.  This weekend we went to Jersey to celebrate Easter with his family and it was the most wonderful time.  Thursday night we got in around dinner time and we ordered Chinese food -- something I had been craving for days -- it was so good, perfect really.  The man at China Moon hit on Evan (or asked if we were dating, we are still not 100% sure what he was saying), the scary ribs were delightful and my sesame chicken was everything I had been craving and more.

Friday it was absolutely beautiful outside.  Brandon and I went into the city to exchange our rainout tickets from last June.  We were able to get better seats than we had for the first game :) and Brandon will get to see Ken Griffey Jr play.  While we were in the Bronx, we decided to take a tour of the stadium.  Brandon was like a little kid in a candy store.  He was that embarassing know-it-all who literally knew every answer to the tour guides questions and the questions that other people were asking the tour guide.  We went through the New York Yankees Museum, Monument Park, the Stadium and then got to go onto the field and into the Dugout.  You could literally see the goosebumps on Brandon's arms when he stepped onto the field.

6 out of 27 World Series trophies

Brandon and I in front of the autograph wall

Brandon standing on the field

Brandon and I in the Yankees Dugout :)

On Saturday I went to Madison to see one of my college roommates, Danielle.  Danielle recently opened up the most adorable little boutique in Madison, NJ called D Torr.  If you are ever in Madison -- I highly recommend stopping by.  I found the most adorable top to wear to Rolling Rock :) and I am pretty confident no one else will have the same one on.  Danielle and I spent Saturday morning drinking mimosas and making fun of people -- some things never change.  It was absolutely wonderful getting to see her.  It's always after seeing someone you haven't seen in awhile that you realize just how much you missed them in the first place.  Saturday afternoon Brandon's grandfather, Pop, came for dinner.  He brought me some beautiful flowers -- again with the whole being spoiled thing. :)

Danielle's boutique D Torr

Easter Sunday was awesome.  My parents stopped doing Easter Baskets when Michelle got to high school -- so when I was like 10.  Brandon's mom never stopped doing Easter baskets which means after a 13 year lull, I am back in business.  In case you are wondering -- the answer is yes, Brandon's mom does make the BEST Easter baskets.  When we left Jersey on Sunday, the car was packed full of stuff.  We had leftovers, we had candy, we had snacks, we had drinks, we had a handmade beautiful wood corner shelft that Brandon's brother Evan made for us, we had everything imaginable in the back of my Equinox. 

Our Easter Basket :)

All in all it was a wonderfully spoiled holiday weekend, which in my opinion is the best kind of weekend to begin with :)