Thursday, April 29, 2010

Engagement Party Round 1

I might be the luckiest girl in the world. If I am not, when that girl dies, I am moving right into that number one spot.  I have a wonderful family (and future in-laws), the most amazing friends in the world and I am marrying the man of my dreams -- jealous? You should be.

Last weekend, Brandon and I had friends over to celebrate our engagement in an un-family friendly way... with lots of beer and jello shots and laughing.  I am not saying that those things are not family friendly; however, what I am saying is that in the capacity that they were used last Saturday, they were not family friendly... at all.  Ryan and Marissa came down from PA, Sean and Natasha came down from Lycoming, Chipp came down from Grad School to be with us, Emily and Kerri came down from Jersey and our local friends made their way to the house.  We should have had an award for longest trip, but we didn't.  Katie made something like 80 jello shots -- they didn't last long at all.  Throughout the day, Nikki took black and white pictures.  Somehow she managed to get everyone outside on the deck for a group picture.  I am very excited to see how they turn out.  

 ...because everyone should slow dance in the middle of the bedroom...
Hadley, being the over-the-top MOH she is, made Brandon and I wear pins that said "Bride to be" and "Groom to be".  I am not talking about little half-inch pins either, I am talking about like 6-inch pins.  They were huge.  Everyone ate, drank and was merry.  Brandon made 8 pounds of pulled-pork and it was amazingggg.  It was nice to have everyone together.  At some point in the night, Hadley made a wonderful toast to the two of us (that made me cry).  I am not looking forward to her toast at the wedding -- talk about cry baby city.
 *Brandon and I with our large pins*
The next morning everyone who spent the night was up around 8 in the morning, so Brandon made everyone a wonderful breakfast (of hamburgers) and we all sat around and laughed more about life and love and things that we missed about Lycoming. After the little ones (Sean and Natasha) went back to Lycoming and Kerri and Emily headed back to New Jersey, we took a driving tour of DC... because that's what most normal people do when they are hungover.  Chipp wanted to see the White House, so we showed him the White House, the Washington Monument (which Chipp pointed out -- looks nothing like Washington), Fords Theater, the Capitol Building and a few other points of interest.  People finally left the house around 1:20 and I had less than one hour to get showered and get to David's Bridal to meet Hadley by 2:15.  FYI: I succeeded.  It's true, I am amazing.  It's ok, you can say it, I even amaze myself sometimes...