Thursday, April 15, 2010

Completely Neglected

So I feel as though I have completely neglected the blog lately, mostly because I have.  Life has been so crazy busy lately that I haven't had time to write.  I really technically don't have time to write now because I am on a deadline at work (we have to get all of the registrations we received before March into the database before Early Bird begins on May 1 -- not that anyone besides my friends at work will really understand what that means), but here I am, writing, because I feel bad.

Recap of life after Easter:

I worked a lot.  Having two jobs may prove to be the death of me; however, I refuse to die until after I get married.  Brandon can't win that easily!  I have come too far with this whole wedding planning thing to let two jobs be the thing that kills me.

Last weekend was a busy one.  I was supposed to work on Saturday, but Katie stepped in and was a wonderful friend and covered my shift so that I could go look at tractors... Yep, I chose tractors over money.  I must really love Brandon.  Instead of getting paid to sell adorable children's clothing to adorable little children, I walked around at the Friends of Agricultural History Farm Park's Gas and Steam Engine Show.  Like I said, love is in the air.  It wasn't all bad, I got an a-freaking-mazing funnel cake out of the deal.  The weather was wonderful, a little windy, but it was a nice day and it was nice to get to spend some time with Brandon.  Last week was crazy with work that we didn't really get to see much of each other.  Saturday night was the Knights of Columbus Shrimp Feast.  They had 250 pounds of shrimp.  I did not succeed in eating it all; however, I ate more than my fair share and I drank more than two people's fair share of beer.  It just tastes so good when it's cold and free.  Sunday morning we got up early and went downtown to cheer Hadley on in the Cherry Blossom 10-miler.  I went crazy cheering for her when I saw her and completely embarrassed Brandon -- mission accomplished.  We went home and I was there long enough to eat before I had to go to work.  Blah.

This week was pretty eventful too though.  I confirmed the venue location :) and I made plans to meet with the coordinator of the venue three weeks from tomorrow.  I am pumped.  Don't worry -- I plan to take pictures of the church and of the venue then so that I can post them on here.  Brandon has his interview meeting to become a member of the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday.  He sent me a text from the meeting to the effect of "the lounge over here is awesome. it's like the he-man-woman-haters club." He was accepted as a member and has his official induction next week. (Woohoo -- hello massive discount on our reception venue!)  That night as we were laying in bed he said "The beer there is so cheap.  It's $1.50 for a Budweiser draft beer. If they sold sandwiches over there, I would never come home."  Bye Brandon, bye.  I am so happy for him though.  He needed something like this.  He can go drink some beers and make friends and play some softball all while saving a ton of money.  AND! They have BINGO every Wednesday which is something the granny in me is very excited about... like embarrassingly excited about.

Moving right along... tomorrow is career day at Holy Child and I am very excited to attend.  It's the first year that I have had a job that I really love and I am really proud of (even though I am putting it off right now to update the world on my life).  I am excited to go back and tell the youth about how rewarding it is to work at a non-profit.  I will proudly tell them that "I will never have money, but I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I have made a different in the lives of children."  What a crock... Just kiddingggg. Anyways, Brandon is taking a half day at work tomorrow and we will be on the road by 1 -- heading to Lycoming for the weekend.  It's the most wonderful weekend of the whole year (and surprisingly I am not talking about my birthday, which I maintain should be a national holiday), it's Rolling Rock.  What better way to spend a Saturday than reunited with the ones we love, the family we made for ourselves at a special little place called Lyco, drinking into oblivion.  Thank God Brandon is driving because I have a feeling I will be so hungover on Sunday that even my hair will hurt.  On the upside, we will get some good eats on the way home.  Thanks Mrs. W. -- that Cracker Barrel gift card just might save my life on ride home Sunday :)