Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So We Can't Have Ice Cream Cake...

If my wonderful fiance Brandon were in charge of planning our wedding and reception this is how it would go: Kegs and Eggs for breakfast followed by a quick church service (without the full mass), no posed and horrible pictures following the service, and we would celebrate our marriage with a 10 hour wedding reception with open bar and wiffleball.  He would be the DJ and he would serve pigs in a blanket, his mom's cole slaw, corn on the cob, chicken fingers and ice cream cake.  In case you're wondering, I have had two nightmares in which this is how my wedding day actually went down.

Brandon and I have had what I like to call the "Great Ice Cream Cake Debate" on numerous occasions.  Usually it goes a little something like this:
Me: Babe, I really want to sit down and find a wedding cake bakery.  I want to find a couple places we like so that we can set up tastings which is something you might enjoy.
Brandon: I said three months without wedding talk-- you never listen, besides I don't see why we can't have an ice cream cake for our wedding cake. I know I enjoy those.
Me: Because you just don't do that, wedding cakes aren't made from ice cream babe.
Brandon: But I like ice cream cake and I want ice cream cake.
Me: You sound like a three year old. We can't have an ice cream cake for our wedding cake.  You just don't do that.  Stop being so difficult.
Brandon: Then I'm not eating any cake
Me: Whatever. Fine -- don't eat the cake. 
Brandon: You're not supposed to give up to easily.
Me: I'm letting you have pigs in a blanket, you're not getting ice cream cake.
Brandon: Fine -- but I'm not eating any of your stupid cake.

Ladies and Gentleman -- welcome to my life.

So without Brandon by my side, I began searching for a bakery with good prices and good options for flavors and fillings and I found it!  This whole wedding thing is not nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be... So I called Brandon into the room to show him the website.  He does not even notice the wedding cakes -- first thing he notices: bar-b-q pork foot long $6.75.  The bakery has a deli section and a lovely assortment of cold cuts.  Talk about making my life easier! What's that, the bakery also sells coffee?  You mean, I can take Brandon there and feed him while I talk wedding?!?  It's like the clouds parted, the rays of sunshine came out and God said "Let this wedding be easy."

As for the ice cream cake... it looks like this little girl will be partaking in one of her favorite southern wedding traditions, the grooms cake.  Traditionally the grooms cake is displayed next to the wedding cake, but this is a tradition we are going to have to pass up since the last thing I want is Brandon's freaking ice cream cake all over the place.  Grooms cakes are traditionally very unique and come in crazy shapes and sizes (think Ace of Cakes) -- "yes, Carvel? I'll take the lil' square ice cream cake with the word "suckerrrr" written on it. Yes, I need four "r"s at the end there. No, it's "sucker-r-r-r".  Awesome, thank you so much."

So I gave in. I caved. I folded my hand. Say it however you want.  I have a soft spot for that little boy and I want to make him happy and if an ice cream cake on our wedding day is going to make Brandon happy and smile extra wide in our wedding pictures, then an ice cream cake he shall get... in his face during the sharing of the first bite :)