Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maybe a hangover is just what I needed...

Brandon may not be the most romantic boy in the entire world, but he tries.  He puts his whole heart into things.  He may have unintentionally botched our anniversary dinner (I mean come on, I knew what I was getting myself into -- those boys hadn't seen each other in almost a year and if one of my best friends surprised me before leaving for Afghanistan, you can bet your bippy I would be one hungover little girl the next day - except I would have a wine hangover which is far worse than a beer hangover, believe me, I have found out from experience), but Brandon definitely made sure the day of our actual anniversary was wonderful.  

Usually after my alarm goes off I like to complain about not wanting to get up and Brandon makes me get up (not because he is the responsible one and is trying to make sure that I too am responsible, but he knows when I get out of bed he can sprawl out and take over the entire bed, steal my cold pillow and take all of the covers).  Monday morning he let me lay in bed and complain about how stupid I think having to work on Monday is.  Please keep in mind, I absolutely love my job, but come on, it's Monday and who really enjoys getting out of a warm cozy bed on a Monday morning?!?  That's right, no one.  So we got to lay in bed for awhile and be bums and talk about our relationship and laugh about the stupid fights we've had (and believe me, they are all oh-so-very stupid but oh-so-very funny now) and the funny things that have happened over the last two years -- something I had tried to do on Sunday night, but Brandon definitely was not having any part of.  Finally, I got up and showered and went to work.  Maybe if he always let me do that, I would have wonderful Mondays...

Work was typical Monday work.  I didn't want to be there.  Crazy people called.  Lunch with my friends was wonderful and eventually 4 o'clock rolled around and I was happy to go home. Thank God I didn't have part time.

I came home to find Brandon already there (one of my favorite things is when he is home when I get home so that I don't have to wait for him like a little puppy in the window -- which is exactly what I do when I get home first).  As I was walking in, he was heading out.  He wanted to spend the afternoon washing his truck and mine -- talk about wonderful.  If he wants to go outside, have a stogie and wash my car -- who am I to stop him?  I went to our room to find that he had made the bed exactly how I like it (what can I say, I'm picky) and he picked up his dirty socks (my least favorite article of his clothing, probably because there are always so many of them and they never match and what he considers a "pair" is just really two socks that once had a pair but are now widowers who he decided should be together) and put them in the laundry basket (that was overflowing because he and I have the tendency to push off laundry... a lot -- I think it may be the chore we both hate the most which is going to be a huge problem when we have kids because the last thing I need in 10 years is a phone call telling me that my kid is the smelly kid.)  Brandon had also done one of his least favorite things (which happens to be one of my most favorite things)... he bought me flowers. :)  Brandon does not believe in buying flowers because according to him "it's wasted money -- they just die" and "why do you want something that is going to die?"  I'll tell him why -- because they smell good and they're pretty. Duh.
 Of course he picked the most perfect pink ones :)  When the boy is good, he is great.  We had a wonderful dinner together and then Brandon did something especially wonderful.  When I thought the surprises were over and the day of celebrating was done, and I decided it was time to be a grown up and fold the clothes, he brought in two glasses of champagne.  Like I said, when he is good, he is great. We had a champagne toast to the last two years and to many more to come :)

I'll tell ya, if Brandon being hungover at our anniversary dinner means that I get flowers, sappy cards, laying in bed longer than normal, my car washed and champagne toasts -- bring on the friends and the hangovers.  I'll take it :)