Thursday, March 25, 2010

life at work post-wedding is actually more work than just work

So this morning when I was getting my tea (today I am drinking Lemon Lift in case all the stalkers out there were wondering), the staff recruiter from HR asked me if I had made any wedding plans.  We talked a moment about how I am just about certifiably insane and how I have narrowed down dresses (for the bridesmaids and for me), booked the church, reception hall and DJ, picked out favors and had started thinking about centerpieces.  I then decided that now that she thinks I am crazy, it should be my turn to ask questions.  I asked something that had been on my mind -- what happens at work post-wedding.  I mean, I am changing my name and tacking Brandon's last name onto my name (no I am not hyphenating it Brandon, we talked about this already, my maiden name simply becomes a second middle name i.e. First Middle Maiden Married), so really how much work is changing my name?  Obviously I understand that things really won't change all that much -- except my email address in terms of communication stuff (which actually brings up another point, I already have two addresses linked to my account one with "t" then my last name and one with "v" then my last name -- I really don't want to think that people will be able to reach me by one of four different email addresses. UGH); but, anyways, what all do I have to do? As it turns out, the answer to that question is a lot of stuff.

I have to go to the courthouse and get a marriage license.  I have to go to the church and get married (duh).  I have to go to social security and get my name changed there.  I have to go to the DMV to get my name changed there and get a new license (and fyi - the answer is yes, I will be bitter if my picture is not as good as the one I have now).  Once I have that all done, I have to bring all the paperwork to work (paperwork being my new social security card, my new license, my marriage license, etc.).  Then I have to do something I am seriously dreading -- I have to pretend I know what I am doing again and fill out tax paperwork AGAIN.  Thanks a lot Brandon -- how about you take my name instead.

I should considering doing what my mother did.  You know -- just tell people I changed my name and sign everything with my married name, but you know, never actually change it.  I think the woman might have been onto something there.  I guess that is not completely true -- my mom did take my father's last name and legally change her last name. When did that happen?  I thought you might be wondering... Let's think... umm... My senior year in college.