Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's have a party on a school night

Sunday night Brandon and I had a lovely evening full of laughing, wine, best friends and leaky basements... Wait, what?  So with all the rain we had been getting, the foundation of the house was a little leaky. And by "a little leaky" I mean it was annoying and terrible and we had water coming in from new places every day and we had to change out towels every three hours, including in the middle of the night.  How not-so-wonderful.  What was wonderful was the dinner party we had with my friends from work.

 Me, Lindsey, Hadley, Sarah
Laura, Nikki, Carrie

My co-workers and I do not have a normal co-worker relationship.  You know, the one where you say "hi" in the morning while getting your coffee, make small talk by the copy machine about the weather, children, how cold the office is and then wish them a good weekend on your way out the door.  We are mildly obsessed with each other.  We cheer each other on during our big accomplishments (me with the Breast Cancer 3-Day, Nikki with her half marathon, Hadley with her Cherry Blossom 10-miler) and we support each other (even if Lindsey is a Pastafarian).  We hold each others hands when we need a friend and we sing to each other when we are sad (well, Hadley sings to us when we are sad).  Like I said, we have a not so normal friendship.  So we decided what better way to wrap up a crummy weather weekend, then to spend it together laughing and drinking wine and eating.  Brandon and I offered to host the evening and everyone agreed to bring something to dinner.  We had an incredible amount of food and an incredible time with our friends.

Brandon and I made appetizers (corn dip, veggies with ranch dip, and salsa pizza bites) and an Italian risotto bake.  Nikki and her boyfriend, Eric, brought pulled pork bbq (which was AMAZING) and cornbread.  Sarah and her friends Brian and Brian brought spaghetti, a curry dish with rice and Chicken Parmesan.  Hadley and her roommate, the legendary Lisa, brought potato casserole and a yummy chocolate dessert.  Lindsey brought orzo Greek salad which was fabulous.  Carrie and Josh brought delicious pizza. And Laura brought another dessert -- Irish car bombs. :)  I think I might be forgetting some things, but the point is -- we had a feast, complete with wine.  I wish I had taken a picture of the table spread with all of the food on it.   It was glorious.

Brandon was perfect.  The food was SO GOOD. The evening was perfect.  Brandon made sure everyone was comfortable, he served wine, he served food, he helped prep and he helped cook, he cleaned up plates and napkins and he did dishes.  I could not ask for a better fiance or better friends.  We all agreed that this was something that we needed to do a lot more often.