Thursday, March 18, 2010

Honeymoon Registry: To do or not to do, that is the question

So today at lunch I was asked if Brandon and I had plans to take a Honeymoon after our wedding.  My response: Nope.  The girls were very taken aback by this response.  They could not believe that I would not use this as a golden opportunity to travel and see somewhere absolutely beautiful and warm.  The more I think about it, the more sad it becomes and the more taken aback I become at my lack of potential tropical island, or at the very least Hawaiian, honeymoon.  If you know Brandon, then you know there is no way I am getting him on a plane.  There goes my cliche honeymoon.  If it were up to Brandon, we'd go to a cabin, deep in the woods, surrounded by animals he could shoot and a lake where he could fish.  He would find a cabin where there is no bathroom and no running water.  Ew.

Lindsey once told me about her friend who had done a honeymoon registry.  Honeymoon registry?!?! What a wonderful idea!  Oh wait... Brandon will not commit to planning a vacation that is essentially two years away when we haven't even gotten the wedding out of the way.  Brandon doesn't like when I make plans for us that are more than a week out.  Brandon barely wanted to commit to the wedding day because it was so far away.  The boy has a serious problem with committing to plans; however, lucky for me, he has no problem committing to me :) and in the long run, isn't that more important?  However, in the short term, i.e. today -- a honeymoon is important to me.

I looked into this "honeymoon registry" thing a little more closely.  There are several websites that seem like they could be helpful.  Basically, you decide where you want to go and plan out everything you want to do and then set up the website.  On the website, you guess(?!?) how much things are going to cost and request the funds from friends and family.  Here is a sample registry  -- this looks fairly simple to me.  (Obviously for the sample one, I picked somewhere that I wanted to go)  So I guess you put it together and then before your honeymoon you let the company know and they send you the money(?!?).  This seems a little strange to me and obviously I would have to do a lot more research on it... I could take the easy way out and just set up a bank account now and save a little each paycheck, but that seems to make too much sense.

So now I have to really weigh the options here.  I have a really think about the pros and cons of doing a honeymoon registry v. opening up a separate honeymoon savings account.  Most importantly, if I do plan to use the honeymoon registry, I have to find a way to 1. get Brandon to commit to a vacation that is 20 months away and then 2. how I am going to get him on a plane...