Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hillbilly Bone meets the Four Seasons

Last night was the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital Annual President's Circle dinner, sponsored by an anonymous corporate donor and held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown for the individuals who have contribute $600 or more to the Girl Scouts in the last year.  I am obsessed with where I work -- I love the mission of the Council and I love what we provide for the girls -- so when Hadley told me I had to donate $600 and go to the dinner, I didn't argue with her.  In fact, after last night, I should probably thank Hadley for making me do it.  Don't go thinkin' we have money now -- they deduct $25 from each of my paychecks so I never even see the money, so it isn't hard to give $50 a month.  In fact, I'm pretty sure if I didn't donate the money it would just go to buy shoes or something, so I think Brandon is pretty happy I decided to listen to Hadley too.

I love getting dressed up and being girly and wearing heels that are entirely too uncomfortable to wear to work but I absolutely had to have for just such an occasion and I love seeing Brandon dressed up.  I mean, I think he looks good in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (obviously, I am biased), but damn that boy cleans up nicely.  And he did so last night for the dinner.  We left the house at 5:45, stopped and got gas and headed down to Georgetown in wonderful Washington, DC rush hour.  According to Google Maps, the Four Seasons is less than 10 miles from my house, will someone please tell me why we didn't get there until a little after 7?  Well, we got there, like we could see the hotel by 6:45 -- but waiting for the valet parking was a pain and the line to get in was all sorts of backed up, but it was definitely worth it :)

The Four Seasons in Georgetown, as you can imagine, is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, obviously the decor was different than in the picture I put on here but I needed a visual.  So, there it is, that is the ballroom in which the dinner took place.  I'll back up a little bit though.  When we got there, it was the cocktail hour, so I checked my coat and got a glass of wine and we mingled.  Brandon went over to the bar and got a bourbon.  After he got his drink, he said to me "Ya know that video for Hillbilly Bone... that would definitely be me if I didn't have the Praxis tomorrow.  This stuff is three or four shelves above the stuff I buy at the liquor store."  Did I mention that the event is top shelf open bar and the wine is free flowing? Thank you Hadley for telling me I had to donate $600.

The food was absolutely incredible.  I didn't have any of the appetizers, but Hadley and Brandon both agreed that they were amazing.  The dinner started with artichoke, spinach and pinenut ravioli with fresh yellow tomato coulis, basil chiffonade and micro green garnish (easily the most amazing ravioli I have ever eaten).  Then the entree was on a quadrant plate and it was Maryland style pan seared jumbo crab cakes (holy crap -- delicious... Brandon's was replaced with something because he couldn't have the shellfish, poor boy), grilled sliced herb chicken with caramelized shallot mashed potatoes, chilled poached asparagus salad with orange segment and finally, tomato -zucchini-chevre tart with olive tapanade and micro arugula salad.  Dessert was a warm bananas foster cream cheese flan with caramel sauce and crumbled toffee garnish.  I don't like bananas foster, but this was amazing.  

Brandon and I have agreed that every year from here on out we are going to make the donation and we are going to attend the dinner and I know Hadley will be right there with us. Also, let's take a minute and look at this picture... Tell me my Maid of Honor and my fiance don't make a beautiful couple.  I would be completely lost without the two of them.  So I want to thank Brandon for an absolutely wonderful evening and for being so incredible.  And I want to thank Hadley for telling me that I had to donate because without her we wouldn't have had this wonderful evening and really, without her, I probably wouldn't be nearly as sane as people think I am. :)