Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey, you guys want to see my basement office?

So my friend Katie has bravely agreed to go with me to meet with the wedding reception DJ (Vinny) from Good Vibrations DJ service.  Why am I not taking Brandon? It has not been three months since we got engaged... duh.  Haven't you been paying attention?  I'm not allowed to talk wedding or do anything wedding related with Brandon for another 2 months.  He didn't even want to talk about engagement parties with me and I know for a fact, that he enjoys parties!  Besides, he has made his rules about music perfectly clear so I know what is and is not allowed.

Anyways, I have been emailing with DJ Vinny and have decided that we're friends.  Anyone who I email more than once a day to make plans with (on a weekend no less) is clearly a friend.  He, obviously, does not know this yet as we haven't even met, but that's okay.  He will know of our blossoming friendship in due time.  He has arranged a meeting time for next week.  I am pretty excited about it, except for one thing... it's in his "home office".

For some reason when he asked if we wanted to meet with him in his "home office" I immediately pictured the basement studio from Full House.  If you are not familiar with this location -- don't worry.  I have done some extensive research in order to find visuals to help you understand what I am picturing as Vinny's home office.  I'd like to thank YouTube and screen shot for allowing me to share my vision with everyone.
Obviously, where Michelle and Uncle Jesse are standing would be big plush chairs and perhaps a coffee table.

Seriously though, that is what I envision when I think of Vinny's home office -- which may or may not be in his basement.  I assume it's in the basement because that's where Uncle Jesse had his home office...  Anyways, even if it ("it" being the home office situation) is kinda weird, I am pretty excited for the meeting.  I am going to put the deposit down to make sure my new friend isn't flakey :) and let him know what ideas Brandon and I have come up with and hear a little bit about what he does and how he can accommodate us.  I know he has a pretty decent amount of country music and I am excited to see what kind of oldies he has... can't have a wedding without the oldies.

I am excited to take Katie along because she has the tendency to ask the important questions that need to asked like "what happens if you are sick? what is the back up plan?" when I am too busy asking all the questions I think are critically important like "what is the most embarrassing thing you have ever seen happen at a wedding?" or "how bad was the most drunk bride you have ever seen?"  Anyways, I think this will end up being a really wonderful partnership between me and Vin.  I mean, if he is anything like I am picturing him (based on the tone of his emails and his picture on the Good Vibrations website -- which I highly recommend everyone check out, he looks like a total guido) than I am going to his new biggest fan.  I am crossing my fingers that on my wedding day he asks for a Jagerbomb from the DJ booth to go with his protein shake.... I'm not quite sure why my wedding has a DJ booth instead of a little area like most weddings have or why I am picturing a European Discoteca as the dance floor at the reception instead of the dance floor at the Knights of Columbus.  Oh well... I definitely need to stop thinking so much.