Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary, I am a Hot Mess.

So today, March 8 2010, is Brandon and my two year anniversary (woohoo we haven't killed each other yet!).  Because Brandon botched Valentine's Day and did not so much as even get me a card, I told him that I wanted to do something really nice for our anniversary. (I mean seriously, all I asked for was a card and some discount chocolate on the 15th but I got nothing! He is lucky I am not one of those girls who expects a big Valentine's day extravaganza because this is two years in a row that Valentine's Day has fallen by the wayside. What happened last year? I thought you might want to know. Last year, Brandon picked the restaurant (Ichiban) and I picked up the bill... and had an allergic reaction to dinner and was sick all night and had hives and was miserable, but don't worry, Brandon got home in time to watch his shows - Rock of Love with Brett Michaels and VH1's Tool Academy.)  Anyways, this was our first chance to go out on a date since we got engaged, which I consider to be kind of a big thing, I don't know -- maybe I'm crazy, and really Brandon and I had never gone on a nice romantic date... unless you consider Cracker Barrel romantic.  Anyways, Brandon agreed that we could go out to a nice dinner -- so I picked the restaurant (Melting Pot) and I made the reservations.  

I wanted to do something over the top for Brandon.  It has been a crazy few weeks with work, our part-time jobs, getting engaged and everything and we will continue to have a crazy few weeks with more work and the President's Circle Dinner (a charity dinner we have this weekend), the Praxis, engagement parties, and Rolling Rock (I think our lives begin to settle down around June.  Ugh!).  Brandon's friend, Kyle, contacted me because he is being shipped to Missouri in two weeks where he will be for 6-8 months of intense training before heading to Afghanistan in the winter.  We agreed that he and Brandon needed to get together and I knew the perfect weekend -- our anniversary weekend.  I knew if I pulled this off, I wouldn't even have to get Brandon a present :) All week, I told Brandon that he better not be hungover for our big dinner on Sunday.  He promised and swore up and down that it wasn't even possible since we were going to NJ and he was not going to drive home hungover.  I kept warning him anyways.  In case you were wondering, I was able to pull it off and Brandon was incredibly surprised, but I ended up getting him presents anyways... The Show 2010 (I know, I regret that decision already) and some cigars too.

The boys had a wonderful time together and stayed up incredibly late on Saturday drinking and laughing into the wee hours of the morning.  Brandon, of course, broke his promise not to be hungover for our oh-so-romantic anniversary dinner.  So we were at dinner and I let Brandon pick the first course -- the cheese fondue.  He picked the Mexican cheese (not what I would have picked if I were hungover, but it was our anniversary, not my anniversary so he got to choose).  Idiot.  The waitress was mixing together the cheese and the salsa and if we were hungover we definitely would have gotten sick at the table because with the chunks of peppers, chilies, cheese and tomatoes I am sure you can guess what it looked like...  Oh wait, Brandon was hungover.  Don't worry, he didn't get sick at the table (thank God).  He got sick in the bathroom.  However, upon he return he was a brand new man.   Thank you Pepto Bismol for salvaging what you could of our anniversary dinner.

The rest of our meal was excellent.  We laughed and talked about how wonderful the last two years had been... Ok, I talked about how wonderful the last two years had been and we did very little laughing because Brandon was still struggling a little bit, but by the end, I think he was almost human... almost being the operative word there.  So here's to another year of being crazy-in-love and not killing each other.  Here's also to hoping that in the next year of our relationship I get a superb Valentine's Day and that Brandon isn't hungover on our anniversary... Well, at least I have a pretty decent shot at him not being hungover on our anniversary next year considering it's on a Tuesday...