Monday, March 22, 2010

Everything is falling into place :)

So given the fact that the wedding is still 18 months away (537 days according to our wedding website on I think Brandon and I are way ahead of schedule and things are really starting to fall into place which obviously makes me extremely happy.  I mean, we've booked the church and the reception hall (although, we still need to meet with the guy from the Knights of Columbus to confirm details and such), we've booked the DJ (you remember, DJ Vinny don't you) and put the deposit down, and we have made plans to meet with the photographer.  I mean, seriously, look at me... I mean, us go!

Over the weekend we went to see Aunt Patti and Uncle Jerry -- which was an absolutely incredible time (I am still stuffed from all the food we had) -- and Aunt Patti showed us samples of the champagne flute wedding favors.  They are amazing :) I mean seriously, they are perfect.  The champagne flutes are everything I dreamed of in a wedding favor and more.  They are very elegant and something that people can actually use again and again.  Aunt Patti gave us two samples to take home and look at and fight over which one would make the more perfect favor and get sappy about wedding plans over and then fight over again for good measure and then pick out for Aunt Patti to mass produce.  While I can see that for some people this does not sound exciting -- I AM EXCITED!  

I wanted to share my joy with everyone who reads this -- if anyone is reading this besides me and Brandon when I ask him to read it, but really I am not completely convinced that he actually reads this so maybe I need to start giving him quizzes to see if he actually reads this.  I digress -- I wanted to share with everyone the wonderful wedding favor samples. :)  One of the champagne flutes has the flowers that go all the way around the glass and the second one of the champagne flutes has just one bunch of flowers. 

So those are the ones with the hydrangeas that wrap all the way around the glass.  I think these will be the winner in the end.  I love the way the branches look (Aunt Patti's incorporation of the wedding color brown) and I love the symmetry of the whole thing.  Come on -- did you really think symmetry wasn't going to play a role in my decision on this matter?  Let's be serious.  Added bonus: Brandon likes it too :)

And these are the ones with one bunch of hydrangeas on one side of the glass.  While these ones lack the symmetry that the wrap around ones have -- I love these too.  I think they are absolutely beautiful.  They are very simple and I love the simplicity of it.

Now we just have to make a decision and let Patti know what we want.  So, if anyone has any thoughts on which they would like to see at the wedding, let me know! :)  While I can't promise I will listen or care what you think, I am more than willing to hear your thoughts.

On a completely separate unrelated, yet obviously very pressing, note -- the save-the-dates are in(!!) and I want to send them out, like tomorrow, but Hadley says it's too soon considering, as I previously stated, the wedding is 537 days away.  Boo to her.  I can't handle it!  I have them all stamped and addresses and ready to go out, but she says it's too soon.  I mean really, is it?  It's not like I am going to let anyone forget that I am engaged and when I am getting married and it's such an easy date to remember anyways (I mean seriously, 9-10-11, if you can count, you can remember it), why can't I just send them out?!? Ugh -- I guess I should listen to her though.  After all, she did take an entire class in wedding planning and is very knowledgeable in the topic and I have merely read copious quantities of wedding magazines and watched hundreds (that may or may not be a vast exaggeration) of hours of wedding television.