Friday, February 26, 2010

You mean we get presents for that?

Last night Brandon and I learned that apparently, people give you presents at your engagement party.  Who knew?!  Aunt Donna suggested that we set up our wedding registry as soon as possible and put it up on our wedding website.  You mean you want me to run around Bed, Bath and Beyond dragging Brandon kicking and screaming behind me scanning the bar code on things I really want but will probably never use but obviously have to have? Count me in.  Who knew getting married had so many perks!?

I went onto the world wide web to learn more about this "wedding registry" thing.  As it turns out, I don't even have to go to the store.  Awesome.  I don't even have to get dressed.  Yep, you read that correctly.  I can sit at home in my pajamas while Brandon plays The Show and set up our entire wedding registry.  Awesome? Yes.  While dragging him down the aisles at Bed, Bath and Beyond would be a rather enjoyable afternoon, I'd like to still have a fiance when the day ends.

Now the big question: What the hell do we put on this thing?  Why was this not on the SATs?  And can I call a lifeline?  Obviously, we want to have a wide range of practical things on there and we want to have a wide price range of things on there, but what do we actually want on there?  Finally, we decided the best idea would be to go through the house, room by room and think of the things we would need... and a few things that obviously we just wanted, but would never spend money on ourselves, like a fondue set.  Shh, don't tell Brandon. :)

So far we are playing it safe and have the basics -- kitchen utensils, serving dishes, towels, sheets, picture frames, etc.  We have agreed that we will go to Bed, Bath and Beyond one weekend and add to the list all of things we can't think of right now but know we will want/need.  Brandon once saw a Heineken mini-kegerator at Bed, Bath and Beyond and he thinks it would make a wonderful addition to the registry, but they do not carry it on the website.  That, ladies and gentleman, is the only reason he agreed to go to the store and walk around with me and my new barcode scanning friend.

Obviously, I think that putting together our registry will be much easier once we buy a house.  (Yea, I know, duh.)  Then we will really be able to tell all of the things that we actually need to start our life together, but until then we can only wing it and play the game "could we use _____?"  Generally, the answer to that question is "of course" since we are excited and over zealous about how many cookie sheets we will actually really need.  I guess instead of worrying about what else to put on the registry, I should really start worrying about where the hell we're going to put this stuff when it starts rolling in... Yikes.