Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pool, Capri, Mocha, Truffle... what happened to blue and brown?

So our wedding colors are without a doubt going to be light blue and brown -- I love the way they look together and they aren't girly (a definite bonus for Brandon).  I really like those colors for a fall wedding, the blue is bright and happy since we're just coming out of summer and I like the way the brown compliments it.  And those colors are perfect with hydrangeas! Anyways, when I looked on the David's Bridal website, there is not a simple blue and a simple brown. I know, you are probably wondering to yourself "Tori, why go David's Bridal when there are so many wedding boutiques in the city?" The answer is quite simple, David's Bridal is geared towards me -- the girl who does not see spending a ton of money on a dress that she is going to wear once and will almost most definitely spill something on... and by something, I definitely mean red wine -- regardless of whether I personally drink the wine or someone within a ten foot radius of me is drinking the wine, it will end up on my dress. I digress...

So I went onto the DB (David's Bridal) website and was bombarded with shades of blue and shades of brown and, for the record, capri and pool are definitely the same color blue regardless of what they say.  I spent a good amount of time clicking back and forth between two pages trying to really tell the difference between the two colors.  I even made Brandon look to see if maybe, just maybe, he knew something I didn't.  (Upon Brandon's suggestion, I took the easy way out and let Hadley pick.  She went with capri.)  We decided on truffle brown, probably because I was hungry, but it's really a wonderful color.

So now I am looking at bridesmaids dresses, which for the record, is a crazy task.  I have made one easy decision on the topic though, which is to go with short dresses for the bridal party as opposed to long dresses because in September the average high temperature in Washington, DC is 80 so long dresses may be hot.  Here is where it gets crazy, I am weird about even numbers and symmetry and the fact that we plan to have 5 people each in our wedding parties is going to make this a process and a half for me. Why you may ask? Well, because I am just about certifiably insane.

Warning: If you didn't think I was crazy before, you definitely will upon reading this.  I don't like the idea of having strapless dresses across the board because some people don't feel comfortable in a strapless for one reason or another, some people need more support, people don't want to be constantly pulling them up and adjusting them, etc. and honestly, some people just don't wear a strapless dress well (sorry, but it's true), but to be difficult there is a strapless dress from DB that I really like (pictured here in truffle).  So then, how do I pick who gets to wear it? Do I poll my bridesmaids after giving my MOH first choice, then place the remaining bridesmaids in the other dress and then pattern them dress 1, dress 2, dress 1, etc. to make it symmetrical? So then you know, if two people want it, they can't stand next to each other because then there won't be any symmetry in my bridesmaids order. Like I said before, I am weird.  Then, to make it more complicated, if I add in the option of wearing blue or brown, my head explodes. I envy the girls who can have everyone wearing a different dress in a different shade of their primary wedding color... However, I think they are crazy.  Where is the symmetry in that?!?

Then the next issue rolls into the picture... which other dress do I want?  Obviously, because I am crazy and like everything to match, I have to have a dress that is extremely close in design to the strapless dress so that it all looks like a cohesive group, but I found two... that's right, two dresses that are similar enough to the strapless that it looks like they go together.  Why wouldn't life be easy and there only be one dress that is similar? I will tell you why... because I am crazy and I must have made the big guy angry somewhere along the way.  It will probably come down to eeny-meeny-miny-mo... or Hadley making another decision for me :) Oh to be normal...

PS - If you're wondering, the answer is yes. It does bother me that there is no symmetry to the pictures.  I too wish that there were two strapless dresses I was interested in to balance out the page.