Sunday, February 28, 2010

Please Don't Stop the Music

Music at the wedding reception is crucial.  I want to make sure everyone has a good time and that everyone enjoys the music played, but at the same time, I probably could not tell you any of the 10 top songs on the Pop charts right now and there is a pretty good chance that I won't even like them.  That being said, I need a DJ who doesn't suck, who adheres to my strong desire NOT to hear the chicken dance, and who understands that if there is not a considerable amount of Country played -- my husband (?!?!?) will be cranky.  I also don't want to be paying out the wazoo for a DJ.  Am I asking for too much?  Probably.

Brandon has offered to DJ our wedding with his iPod.  I do not even know where to begin to explain how horrible this idea is.  Yea, I know I said I wanted to cut costs and this would do it, but let's be serious? This is a HORRIBLE idea.  You wouldn't hear any songs you liked, unless Brandon has them on his iPod which he probably doesn't.  Also, when Brandon gets drunk, he has this music pattern he goes through.  First he plays an assortment of country songs from the 90s, you know reliving his childhood, then he plays sappy love songs because he knows he is in trouble because I am cranky with how drunk he is.  Then when he realizes this isn't going to save his skin, he changes the song constantly and does not listen to more than maybe 45 seconds to a minute of a song -- and then he plays Pantera, not exactly wedding reception material if you ask me.  That Ladies and Gentleman is why Brandon will not be our wedding DJ.

On we found a DJ service (Good Vibrations DJs) that seems to offer really amazing prices, has a wonderful song list and is willing to get any songs that they do not already have that you would like to hear.  They also ask you to select the songs you want to hear and will work with you to ensure that you never have to hear anything you don't want to on your special day.  You mean I can go to a wedding without having to hear the chicken dance or the electric slide? How delightful.  You can bet your bippy I have emailed them to check their availability and see when we can meet with them.  They are my first round draft pick and I am hoping I don't have to keep looking from here. 

Because Brandon and I are so picky when it comes to music, we needed to find a way to cater to everyone who is invited to the wedding.  Obviously people are going to want to hear the aforementioned top-ten songs that we have never heard before along with a litany of songs we don't know so we need to find a way to make this happen.  On our reply cards, we are going to have everyone write down a few songs that they would like to hear at the reception.  We figure this way we can compile a list for the DJ of songs that are of interest to our guests.  Don't worry Fat Pat -- we will make sure that plenty of Taylor Swift is played just for you.  I think I might be more interested to see what songs people want to hear than see who is actually attending the wedding itself...

I can't wait to hear back from the DJ and have them tell me everything is perfect, they'd love to do my wedding for free and I will be the most beautiful bride in the history of weddings... What? DJ services don't usually do that?  Oh well, a girl can dream.  I guess if all else fails, Brandon can be our DJ.