Thursday, February 25, 2010

Borderline Obsession

According to the Princeton Dictionary the word "obsessed" means:
  • haunted: having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something
  • influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion
That being said, I am obsessed with my wedding.  However, I am terrified of becoming one of those girls who all she does is talk about her wedding and wedding colors and save-the-dates and vendors and dresses and cake samples and flowers and tuxedos and... you get the point, especially since the wedding is over a year and a half away. 

In my defense, I have been waiting quite a long time for this ring!  Brandon said once he moved to Maryland, we would look at rings and get engaged and live happily ever after... this didn't happen, well the looking at rings and getting engaged part didn't happen.  I let it go since he had just started a new job and had just moved away from home.  After his first pay check I bought up the topic again, he said he didn't have the money for a ring.  I said I understood and so he went out and bought a play station.  Then a little over a month goes by and I bring up the topic one more time and again he said he was sorry but he just didn't have the money for a ring, and then literally the next day he went out and bought a brand new pickup truck.  Do you see where I am going with this?  I was patient and kind and now five months later, I am excited that I finally got him to buckle down and commit!  It's a small victory to some, but a big one to me!  I mean come on, I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!

I watch enough WE tv to know that some women are nuts about their wedding and not in the way that I am nuts about my wedding.  I get it, you're engaged and you want to get married ASAP, but what' s the rush? I am excited about having a long engagement and plenty of time to soak up the attention and show off my ring and soak up the fun of being engaged while buying the necessities and saving a ton of money along the way.  That being said, when I find great deals I want to shout it from the rooftop and I want everyone and their brother to be excited about it too.... but then, I am that girl. You know, the aforementioned annoying one that only talks about her wedding. Ugh.  What a pickle.

I mean -- but seriously, let's be honest. How early is too early to look at dresses when David's Bridal is doing no interest for 12 months and I can pay my dress off over time? My head is spinning at the idea of having a dress though and I am pretty sure Brandon would pull the plug on wedding planning if I got a dress this far out and so I would have to hide the dress and where can I really hide a freakin wedding dress? Then what happens if my weight fluctuates between now and then? You're right, I could just get a bigger size and have it taken in... I thought about that, but there is still the hiding it dilemma and the looking crazy part too...

Speaking of crazy -- I think I need to start having like legit sanity checks on a daily basis.  So from here on out, I think once a day (maybe more depending on how many times I look at different wedding things) I am going to have Hadley check my crazy level.  I think today it is particularly high.

Ugh. What a day.