Monday, September 10, 2018


A few months ago, at sunrise, B and I met up with Liz from Hough Photography to get some new pictures of the two of us, sans kids.  The last time we had purposefully taken pictures of just the two of us was our wedding...

And we were clearly babies then, so it was long over due and the light at 7 in the morning during the summer is just so perfect.


A lot has changed in seven years, Mr. Wilkinson, but there is a constant through it all: 
home will always be where you are.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Everett's FIRST Birthday Pictures

It only seems appropriate that on a Thursday, I would throw it way back to Everett's first birthday pictures. I have only had this post drafted for a month and change after all... I would say #secondbabyprobs but Natalie didn't even get first birthday pictures, so there's that.

One of my favorite relationships that has blossomed in the last year (+) is the one that I have formed with Liz from Liz Hough Photography.  She has the most beautiful, creative, talented soul and I feel fortunate that our paths crossed and I get to have this incredible, inspiring woman in my life.  She has a very calm and collected demeanor that makes taking pictures with her a total breeze and she captures my children so effortlessly. I truly cherish every picture she has taken for us.  It's no wonder that when I started thinking about Everett's first birthday back in March, she was one of the first people I contacted. She was the first person to photograph my sweet boy when he was born so it only made sense that we would wrap up his first year with Liz too - and on his birthday at that!

We had planned to meet up with Liz at Catoctin Creek Park at 8:30 in the morning on Everett's birthday but due to some road closures it was closer to 9.  Usually this would have really bothered me, but the birthday boy was taking a car nap so it worked out really well. It was fun to come back to Catoctin Creek for the pictures - it was like coming full circle since we had done his maternity pictures there.

So, enjoy a little picture heavy post for this blazing hot (at least here in MD) Thursday.

And seriously, how sweet are these pictures with big sissy :)  I love this little duo.

Thanks Liz Hough for always making my picture dreams come true!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Our very hungry caterpillar turns ONE

I am still in all of my feels after celebrating our little big guy's first birthday this past weekend and cannot believe almost a week has already gone by.  In total #momblogfail #secondkidprobs fashion, I took all of four or five pictures his whole party. Oops! 

While I may have failed to take pictures, I did not fail on the planning and the crafting!  Just like with Natalie's birthdays, I made the invitation to Everett's birthday party and I was really pleased with the final product!  I loved being able to combine a bunch of my favorite things about invitations on Etsy and Pinterest to create something special for Everett.

Honestly, while I wish I had more pictures of the party itself, I really wish I had taken more pictures of his decorations before the guests arrived. I really love how everything turned out and it was so fun to see my pinterest dreams come to life.  I am a firm believer that details and decorations (give me alllllll the balloons) make a party :)  My favorite details from Everett's Very Hungry Caterpillar bash were his little outfit from Rowan Morrow Designs, his highchair banner and milestone board that I made and the cookie favors from Tart and Craft

Outfit from Rowan Morrow Designs

Cookies from Tart and Craft

The day itself went by in the blink of an eye. I love that even on a rainy, dreary day my home was full of love and laughter from some of my favorite people on the planet and the birthday boy was sufficiently loved on.

so happy this mama was able to come down from NJ to celebrate!

I am so lucky that these little boys get to grow up together!

love this little motley crew so much :)
missing: JJ and Chloe 

I cannot thank everyone enough for the birthday love for our little boy.
Cheers to surviving another trip around the sun!
I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Everett | ONE YEAR!

Age: ONE YEAR (+ a week)

Weight: My little chunky butt is officially tipping the scales at 26.2lbs and he is standing 31.25 inches tall.  He is wearing 18 month clothes and size 5 diapers. [Fun fact: big sissy was 26.2lbs at her 1 year well visit and stood 31.5 inches tall - holy freaking genetics.]

Likes: playing with Sissy, pulling all the DVDs off the shelf, feeding Hank, riding with Sissy in the pink Escalade, stealing Daddy's cell phone, bedtime stories with Mama

Dislikes: staying still for diaper changes, Daddy taking his cell phone away, being hungry

Milestones & Big Moments: He is still so so close to walking and cruises furniture like a pro. He is saying Hi, Dad (Daddy, Dude), Sissy, Jenny, Connor, More aaaaand finally Mama. He is waving and clapping. He gives the best high fives and kisses.

Looking forward to: Getting his first birthday gallery back from Liz. The previews are giving me ALL the heart eyes. I absolutely love her work!

                             •               •                              •                                               •            

Oh my sweet, Everett Grey, how has it been a year?  I have said it probably a million and ten times - this has been the fastest year with the longest days of my life.  You are so spunky and funny and naughty. You keep us on our toes for sure.  Watching you grow and learn has been so much fun.  You love your sissy more than anyone and she is just as obsessed with you. You were the perfect capstone to our family and we love you so much, my sweet boy.          

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

a letter to my last baby

To my last baby on the eve of your first birthday:

Tonight as I gave you your last bottle, I can't help but reflect on this last trip around the sun.  This was the longest and shortest year of my life. I barely remember bringing you home from the hospital and remembering life before that is so hazy.  It's only at night as I put you to bed that I get glimpses of my once tiny baby. Every day you're less and less a baby and more and more a little boy and while I am so excited for each new milestone, my heart yearns for the baby to stay a little bit longer.

It goes by too fast.

Tomorrow, by definition, you will no longer be a baby.  You will officially be a toddler.  You seem so ready for this next part in your story and I am trying to be there with you.  You are so adventurous and wild. I feel like I am constantly going behind you and cleaning up the destruction left in your wake. You are lucky that you are so dang cute because you are definitely a little trouble maker.  You are so strong and you climb everything you can and have no problem moving things that are in your way. You are so close to walking and I feel like in a blink of an eye you will be running.    

It goes by too fast. 

Oh my sweet boy, you have filled places in my heart that I thought your sister already had. But that's the thing with a mother's love - it knows no end and my heart is so full of love for both of you. Ours is not a complete family without you. You are a wondrous endpoint to our family with your toothy grin, perfect giggle and sweet soul.

And tonight, as if you knew my heart was heavy, you said Mama. Clear as day, you called for mama. So while I am so sad that I put a baby to bed for the last time tonight, I am so excited to wake you up tomorrow morning and hear my toddler say mama.

So on the eve of your first birthday, I want you to know this: I will love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I am living my baby you will be. I love you, Everett Grey, more than I could ever truly put into words.