Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Florida | February 2018

Ever since my parents moved to Florida, I am always on the hunt for cheap tickets to go visit them since it is incredibly rare that they find themselves "up north".  If I find tickets and the dates don't work, then I move on; however, when I find great tickets and the dates work out, it's the best. This happened back in December. Jet Blue was having a 15% off sale and I scored a great price on tickets to take the kiddos to Florida to see my parents. Bonus: we would arrive the day after my mom's birthday :) Bummer: B no longer gets spring break so I would be taking the kiddos solo. 

The anticipation leading up to the trip was killing me. I started prepping and planning at the end of December and it took everything in me not to pack before February.  I also made sure to hop on Amazon to ship formula, diapers and baby food to my parents house before the trip to save space (and weight) in our checked bags - a total luxury of "vacationing" at my parents house. I also put together the best travel bag for Natalie [more on that in another post] which made flying with her a breeze. She is a total travel rock star anyways, which makes me one proud mama, so the bag was really just a bonus.

We spent most of our week with my mom. My dad kind of did his own thing and didn't join us on our outings. It was good for the kids to get time with my parents, especially since we never know when we will see them again. It may not be until next year. I was going to do a more in depth post about our adventures but have decided a picture heavy post with minimal reading would be easier :) [read less work for me]

Pre-Flight selfie with the kiddos

First stop: lunch at Red Frog & McToad's

My mom and I took the kiddos to Marineland and Natalie got to live out one of her biggest wishes: touching a dolphin!  While Marineland looks a little lot different now than it did 20+ years ago when I was last there, Natalie really loved seeing the turtles and dolphins. 

We also took the kiddos to one of my favorite places from my childhood: the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. Bonus: Local Flavor had 50% off adult admission so I was able to snag cheap tickets for my mom and me.  It was a really gorgeous day so we brought a nice little picnic lunch there. Natalie really enjoyed the little "Rainforest Review" wildlife show.  Afterwards you have a chance to touch a python and a baby alligator.  I was really surprised that Natalie was too scared to touch either one, but Everett LOVED it. He had a death grip on the baby alligator and was sad when he had to let go.

Honestly, most of the week was spent just hanging out at my parents house, playing on the patio and in the garden while soaking in the Florida warmth.  The pollen count was HIGH - on a scale of 1-12, we were in the 11s all week.  So allergies + teething baby was rough but he was a trooper. Natalie LOVED being able to play outside all day.  She fought through the allergies and did not let them slow her down.

All in all, it was a good week, albeit incredibly exhausting. Natalie woke up twice with night terrors because she overheated. Everett did not sleep through the night at all - he never really seemed to adjust to being away from home. But we survived and made a few memories along the way.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Everett | Seven Months

Age: Seven Months

Weight: Welp, given that he was 21lbs 1oz at his 6 month well visit and he has taken to solids like a champ, I am going to say he is easily weighing in at, at least, 22lbs.

Likes: bath time, sleep sacks, solid food, Sissy, cats, being worn

Dislikes: Hank barking, teething, sleeping through the night consistently 

Milestones & Big Moments: We are in a successful bedtime routine [insert praise hands here], but we are still getting up 1-3 times a night for paci.  Overall, it's reeeeally not so bad. I really should not complain, so I won't, too much anyways :)

Everett met his future prom date (and looked about 78 times bigger than her).  My friend Jordan welcomed sweet Chloe on January 19th so the kiddos are exactly 6 months apart.

We also celebrated Everett's first Valentine's Day :) 

Little man has THREE teeth coming in right now, all on top.  It has been brutal to say the least.  He tries his best to remain smiley and happy but some days are just plain tough.

Looking forward to: Visiting my parents!  The kids and I are flying south at the end of the week and I cannot wait to celebrate my mom's birthday with her :) 

                             •               •                              •                                               •          

Real talk: two is HARD.  It has been a major adjustment.  But we have these moments where Nat and Everett are together and it all seems so worth it. They are the sweetest little siblings.  I really love the bond that they are forming.  I know they won't always like each other, but I hope they always love each other this much.

That old saying is true: the days are long but the years are definitely short. My hands are so full with the two of them but my heart has never been so full either.

We have a lot coming up and I am excited for what lies in the coming weeks!      

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites

Welp, here it is.  The first Friday favorites round up of the year happening on the last Friday in January... better late than never! 

1. Old Navy Tall. I am not considered a tall girl, necessarily.  I am not short, but I would say that at 5'7, I am fairly average.  Do I need to shop in the tall section? No. Do I shop in the tall section for tops? Absolutely. I prefer a longer top and Old Navy Tall is perfection (especially for tunics!). I snagged this top date night and the length was perfection.

2. Date Night.  Did you know the last time I went to a bar/restaurant with my husband and had a drink was September 2016? And the last time we had a date, May 2017.  There is something seriously wrong with that. My friend Jessica put an end to my date night drought and watched BOTH of my children.  This was the first time someone other than Cheryl has watched both the kiddos and, honestly, Jess is on the very very short list of people I would feel comfortable leaving both kiddos with.

B and I had the best time and the kiddos had a blast with Jessica's kids too.

3. Isla and Lily. My love affair with this sweet shop continues.  My (former) work-wife Jordan delivered baby #2 (the sweetest baby girl) a week ago today and I could not be more thrilled for her. Adding to that excitement, Jessica from Isla and Lily had some extra Chatty Hearts fabric so I was able to order a newborn gown for Chloe.  Bonus: the girls will have matching outfits and I get to experience a glimpse of what my life would have looked like with twinning little girls haha I cannot wait to get them!

4. I am officially counting down the days until I hop on a plane and take the kiddos to see my parents for a week. [29 days in case you were wondering!]  I haven't seen my Dad since July and I haven't seen my Mama since August.  I cannot wait for them to see how big the kiddos have gotten.  I also cannot wait to see Everett's Fairy Godmother (as Nat likes to call her), Kerri.  Some of my favorite people on the planet live in Florida so it will be so much fun! I saw all that to say this...

Last summer I ordered RoadID bracelets for the kids and I am really happy that I did. This will be my first time flying solo with both kiddos so it will be nice to have just a little extra piece of mind knowing that Natalie has an ID bracelet on if, God forbid, we get separated.  She loves wearing her ID bracelet and the silicone band assures me that it is not going anywhere.  The ID plate is made of surgical stainless steal which won't scratch no matter how tough she plays and it's saltwater safe (hello beach ready).  There are a bunch of different band options for both genders and RoadID sends several sizes in each color/pattern so that the bracelet really grows with you.

5. Panera Breakfast.  What is a Friday Favorites without food, amiright?  Panera recently started offering fried eggs on their breakfast sandwiches.

There are no words to describe the perfection of this sandwich. None. And I am really looking forward to a post swim class breakfast date with my big girl on Sunday so that I can have it again. Yum. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Everett | Six Months

Age: 6 months. A whole half of a year :)

Weight: At this well visit today, Everett weighed in at 21lbs 1oz and stands 27.5 inches tall.  My little chunk of love. He is wearing size 9 month clothes (12 month sleepers) and size 3 diapers.

Likes: Playing with sissy, watching football with Dada, Hank and Gemma, Hudson

Dislikes: Hank barking, rolling over, and oh you know, being active in general

Milestones & Big Moments: Everett celebrated his first Christmas and New Years and was actually awake at midnight (thanks to Hank).  

We also made the big transition from our room to his crib. It was getting a little ridiculous that I was keeping him in our room given that he has slept through the night for, ooooh, months now. Nat was in her room by 3 months., but I guess I was just holding on a little lot longer since he is my last baby.  I have been having to get up with him once, maybe twice, a night because of paci issues but it hasn't drastically impacted my sleep... yet. 

Looking forward to: Celebrating his half birthday with sissy. (Clearly I had every intention of posting this yesterday but #momlife.)  We picked up party hats and party favor blowouts (seriously, who named those things?!).  We are halfway through the hardest year (yay) and halfway through the last first year (insert crying emoji here). 

[Mama and Dada are looking forward to the first date in almost a year! More on that in another post!]

                             •               •                              •                                               •                

The last month has been so much fun.  Everett adores his sister. He thinks she is just the best ever and she loves him to pieces.  I am incredibly lucky that Natalie has made the transition so well..

Everett moving into his room has meant that we have changed our bedtime routine a bit.  We had been getting Nat prepped for bed by 7:30 but now we have pushed her bedtime to 8.  I have been taking Everett into his room at 7 and rocking him before putting him in the crib and then that gives B and I some solo time with Nat.  This has improved her already pretty spectacular behavior.  She loves getting some time with just us and we have really enjoyed the time with her as well.

Everett hates rolling over.  He will scream bloody murder before he rolls himself over. He is not nearly as active as Natalie was at this age which makes me anxious. I know I am totally over thinking this and every baby is different, but it is still so frustrating. If I hold Everett, he likes to stand up on my lap. He likes to be in the walker or jumper - standing - but has yet to really figure out how to bounce in the jumper. I cannot wait for that to click for him.  Cheryl assures me that he is fine and that he is so similar to her son Connor, who walked at 9 months and is a phenomenal hockey player now. It helps calm my mama nerves but I still feel anxious about it. I also need to remember - he is only 6 months old and not 10 months old and lazy. We'll see.